Homemade Blackberry Cobbler

Homemade Blackberry Cobbler

This Homemade blackberry cobbler is a no-fuss way to enjoy summer’s berry bounty with minimal effort. Serve this easy blackberry cobbler with homemade vanilla bean ice cream or buy your favorite brand.

Homemade Blackberry Cobbler

I grew up picking all the berries, but picking blackberries was the most satisfying because we could find hundreds of them. I am summer fruit obsessed. Every time I head to the market, I buy way too many berries. I guess I have a berry addiction. When I have cooked with all I can from my purchases I freeze them to cook with through the rest of the year, like smoothies, pies, cobblers. I love to use berries for savory sauces for grilled meats. 

Homemade Blackberry Cobbler Ingredients

Besides being a tasty gift from nature, blackberries are a nutrient-dense food that falls into the superfood category. The deep, blue-black color is called anthocyanin, which is a type of antioxidant. They are high in fiber, low in natural sugars and full of immune-boosting vitamins and minerals. You just can’t go wrong with choosing blackberries to put into all your recipes.

Homemade Blackberry Cobbler Pre-Oven

If you are lucky enough to have fresh blackberries, be sure to use them in this dish. Otherwise, frozen will work well, too.

Homemade Blackberry Cobbler in the Oven

A Few Notes…

I have noted with a few asterisks that this recipe can be converted to be gluten-free and dairy-free. For the flour, you can use gluten-free flour. I like Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free 1 to 1 baking flour. A substitute that will work beautifully for the milk is almond milk. I love the Califa Farms Unsweetened Almond milk. It’s a lovely creamy mixture—finally, the ice cream. There are so many dairy-free ice creams, but my personal favorite is Halo Top. All these products should be available in your local grocery stores.

Enjoy this summertime favorite with your family and friends. It’s a perfect recipe for your Summer gatherings!

Homemade Blackberry Cobbler

Homemade Blackberry Cobbler

Servings 8 People


  • 6 Tbsp. Unsalted Butter – melted
  • ¾ Cup All-Purpose flour – unbleached*
  • 1 ½ Cups Sugar – divided
  • 2 tsp. Baking Powder
  • ¼ tsp. Salt
  • ¾ Cup Milk*
  • 1 Tbsp. Fresh Lavender – dried optional
  • 2 Cups Fresh Blackberries or frozen
  • Vanilla Bean Ice Cream*


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Melt butter in a deep one and one half quart casserole. Combine flour, ¾ cup sugar, baking powder, salt and milk. Mix throughly. Pour the batter evenly into the melted butter without stirring. Combine the blackberries with the other ¾ cup sugar; pour into the middle of the batter without stirring.
  2. Bake for 30 minutes or until lightly browned. Serve warm with ice cream.

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