Fresh Strawberries in Bowl

How to Freeze Fresh Strawberries

Wondering how to freeze strawberries? Learn how to freeze strawberries for fresh flavor all year long and it is super easy!

Fresh Strawberries in Bowl

Homegrown, local strawberries make a fleeting appearance every spring, and that is the very definition of short but sweet. What is essential here is knowing how to extend the strawberry season by freezing the strawberries. The freezing will preserve their flavor and juiciness. The berries mustn’t clump together but remain loose when freezing them. In the restaurant world, it’s called IQF or individually quick-frozen.

Fresh Strawberries

For best results, choose strawberries when they are at their sweetest and most aromatic, which usually means finding locally grown berries during their brief peak season. In most strawberry-growing regions, peak strawberry season is from mid-spring through early summer. 

Fresh Strawberries

How to freeze fresh strawberries

Step One – begin with 4 to 6 lbs of strawberries. gently wash the strawberries to remove any dirt or debris. Pick through and remove any that are starting to look bad or are mushy. 

Step Two – spread them out and allow them to dry for about 5 minutes on an absorbent towel. I love to use a good flour sack towel.

Step Three – hull the strawberries: if you have a strawberry huller*, it’s perfect for this task. If not, a serrated knife will do the job. If you are in a rush, cut across the top of the strawberry. You will lose more of the berry with this technique.

Strawberries Corer
Strawberries Corer

Step 4 – arrange the berries in a single later on a parchment-lined baking sheet.*

Step 5 – freeze for two to three hours or overnight, depending on your timing.

Freeze Strawberries

Step 6 -Transfer the frozen berries to a labeled freezer bag that you can label and date when frozen. I like to use the gallon size freezer bags. Fill it where a layer or two of strawberries. Spread the berries around the bag, so it lays flat. It stores better in the freezer.

Freeze Strawberries

Step 7 – freeze for up to one year.

Kitchen Tools That I Used:

Strawberry hull remover 

USA Half Baking Sheet

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