Gluten-Free Country-Style Almond Cake

I came across this recipe, Gluten-Free Country-Style Almond Cake, in a free cookbook, “Food of the Italian South” I received from  Clarkson Potter/ Publishers. I receive new books every month. Now I am cooking from and soon will add my reviews before they are released. Gluten-Free Country-Style Almond Cake is the easiest almond […]

Lavender Creme Anglaise

This rich, creamy vanilla custard sauce will take your desserts to the next level! A classic recipe that’s infinitely versatile, made from just five ingredients, plus lavender in this recipe. The creme base is versatile when used to make ice cream, as a layer in a fruit tart and more. […]

Lavender and Wildflower Honey Creme Brulee

Lavender and Wildflower Honey Creme Brulee

Have you ever tired Creme Brulee at home??  It’s a perfect dessert to impress your family on Mother’s Day!  We at Sage Gourmet have everything you need to accomplish this at home – from the Bella Tovolo Chef Professional Torch, to the Ramekins in two sizes and colors and Flavored Sugars from […]