Laurie’s Pea Pleaser recipe in WNC Magazine

You may shell your summer peas on the porch with a bowl in your lap, or buy them cleaned from a tailgate market. No matter how you procure these little green beauties,  Hendersonville Chef Laurie Bakke, author of Laurie Bakke’s Cookbook, has a fresh pea dip recipe worthy of their […]

April Trip to Tybee Island

I took a week off and traveled to Charleston, SC and Tybee Island in Georgia, just outside of Savannah. The first part of the trip to Charleston began with my sister, Janet Jacobson.  We were looking for relaxation, good food, art galleries and time to read our books.  We took […]

Fondue for a Cozy Night

Fondue is an ideal opener for parties, get-togethers and family dinners. Delicious, fun to make and simple to prepare, it is no wonder that fondue is back in style. It is not necessary to serve fondue in a fondue pot; a warmed ceramic bowl could work nicely. However, I do […]