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Spring Salon – Benefit for Free Clinics

Laurie Green Bakke, Cookbook Author/Creator/Chef of Laurie Bakke’s Cookbook, was part of an annual “coming together of fine food, fine wine, fine art, and fine design” for a local charity. The Sixth Annual Spring Salon benefit for The Free Clinics was hosted by Salon Blue Ridge and took place last Friday, April 27th, from 5-8 p.m. Wonderful delicacies were prepared by Laurie Bakke’s Kitchen and other local restaurants in the Hendersonville area. Wine tasting was coordinated by Blue Water Seafood Company and Wine Market; beer was provided by Southern Appalachian Brewery.

Guests savored the delicacies of live chef demonstrations on French ranges, superior wines, exquisite foods, high design, and enjoyed wonderful conversation in a grand environment.

In addition, Laurie Bakke presented her most recent cookbook which was also available for purchase. This delightful collaboration features fresh recipes from Café Laurie, Culinary School, and other great local kitchens. Laurie’s fresh and healthy style of cooking not only satisfied many taste buds, but was also beautifully presented.

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