Time for Granola!

The inspiration for this came to me on Super Bowl Sunday.  We were off to a friend’s house later in the day, but the entire day was ahead of me.  I needed to be productive.  For times like those, when you find yourself in the mood to create, this is the perfect antidote! Hope you enjoy it this weekend!

I began by paging through my newest cookbook and came to The Granola page.  I thought this is the perfect recipe to make.  I have all the ingredients on hand.  I love it in the mornings or to nibble on throughout the day…ideal for the week ahead!

I like to get all my ingredients out.  I measure out each one and set aside.   As I am preparing for the recipe, I am able to put everything away.  I can then start the recipe and not have much clutter in the kitchen.  The French call this mise en place (Meez ahn plahs) which is a French term referring to having all the ingredients necessary for a dish prepared and ready to combine up to the point of cooking.  I like to call it being ready for the show.

I have to say this is the best granola recipe.  My children, Megan and Chris, loved this recipe.  Our family really enjoys a big bowl of yogurt topped with fresh berries and fruit then topped with the granola.  It is a taste explosion!

I begin by tossing the dry ingredients in a large bowl.  The oats, wheat germ, nuts and seeds go first.  Next, I combine the liquids – honey, vanilla extract and spices.   I combine both together and really mix thoroughly.  The key to granola is the roasting process in the oven.  This actually combines all the flavors together with the toasting aroma and taste giving the granola a crisp texture and sweet glaze.

The recipe makes a large batch (10 to 12 cups).  It stores beautiful in an air-tight container.  It is a great gift, for kids away at college, or, for the parents left behind!