Follow Instructions Carefully…And When All Else Fails, Have Fun!

Oh Saturday started off to be a busy day.  I was getting ready for my first book signing.  Did I have everything I needed?  Clean white blouse to wear (sort of a signature item for me), plenty of Laurie Bakke’s Cookbooks to sign, ingredients for Pimento Cheese with Honey Wheat Pita Chips and The Outrageous Brownies etc. etc.  Check on everything!

I started the day early…which turned out to be a good thing.  Erica Allison arrived to pick up a book to ship out to a new retailer (details on that one to come soon!) and while she was there, shot some pictures of the process.  I begin making the batch of brownies and put them into the oven and quickly went on to the Pimento Cheese.  So far, not a problem.  Checking on the brownies, I noticed they were not cooking right.  I keep watching and then realized I had made a mistake (they happen to everyone).  I had not let the chocolate mixture cool properly before adding the dry ingredients.  This is very important with hot chocolate.  Always read your instructions very carefully!!!

So, I cut my losses and headed to the store for more ingredients and rushed back home to make a second batch of brownies.  While they were cooking, I finished the pita chips and got myself dressed.  I loaded up the car and headed to Homestead…in a hurry.

Barbara Nussdorfer-Eblen with her new Cookbook

When I arrived at Homestead, well what can I say, but I love Homestead, Pat and the ambiance of the store.  Erica was on hand to help out both of her clients (Pat’s a client, too!).  I naturally relaxed (not easy for me sometimes) and set up my food for tasting.  The books, napkins and wine were already on a beautiful display.  The next two hours was spent talking with customers and enjoying Homestead.  The book sold very well and it was such a joy to sign the books directly for the people.  They were all so appreciative.  It was a great day.

Thank you to Pat and Erica and of course Paul, Oliver and Joey.

My next event will be an appearance on Your Carolina with Jack & Kimberly (the CBS affiliate in Greenville, SC)  on Febuary 14th at 10am, followed by a cooking class at Poppies in Brevard on February 17th, and then back to Greenville for a book signing and tasting at Foxfire Gallery and Kitchen Shop on February 19th.  Whew!!! We are in the process of planning an event with Nibs Coffee Cafe in Hendersonville for either February or March – stay tuned!